Are You Prepared To Learn Everything You Can About Your Golf Swing AND KNOW YOUR SWING?

The origins of Golf are unclear and much debated. However, it is generally accepted that modern golf developed in Scotland from the Middle Ages onwards. Fast forward to today, and Golf practice and player development is going through a period of tremendous change.


For decades, golfers have been learning the wrong things, their games have not been improving. Why is this happening? For one, there has been no consensus on the basic physics of the game, such as what makes the ball go where it goes. Plus, there has been no universal language for golfers to communicate the moves they’re making or the shots they’re hitting. Consequently, they’re forced to use vague clichés, like “I swung too fast” or “I looked up,” or other bits of handed-down jargon or as Ben Hogan once said, “bromides that don’t mean anything.”

These impediments have made the barrier of entry into golf unnecessarily high. Golfers routinely leave the game out of frustration, lack of direction, regression, or improvement that comes too slowly or not at all.

Have you been grasping for straws with your Golf Game and Golf Swing? Looking for that next ‘magical tip’? Has that quick fix band-aid fallen off? What you are lacking is a SYSTEM for playing golf.

“We are surrounded every day by systems...why is there a fear about having a system of playing golf, especially one based on historical precedence, geometry, physics and which has been measured and validated by contemporary science!”

Having a system in place also helps the student to identify the day to day inconsistencies with his swing and allows him to make the necessary changes to function better. Without a system he would be plucking at straws and going from one YouTube video to the next. Many of you have experienced the chaos of Instruction that has lots of info but no structure or system to pull it all together.

The most efficient decision makers have a system in place to ensure their decisions are coherent and consistent with their intentions. Basketball teams and Football teams have a system. Businesses have systems. In Golf, Bryson DeChambeau has a system throughout his game, to a degree not seen in the game of Golf before. Tiger Woods has always had a system. Ben Hogan & Jack Nicklaus had a system. Professionalizing your decisions by using a system is a great start.


Every good golf swing has its own style and is unique. But all good golf swings have several things in common.


I fully accept everyone is different but to not have a system to work with and the swing components mapped out is very dangerous and detrimental to the student. I think the point people miss (at times in a convenient manner) is that systematic coaching IS NOT method coaching, we do not get everyone to swing it the same rather we use the system to identify the key issue, broaden the players understanding and implement efficient change. Having the model (mapped out for Mr. Perfect) allows all concerned to have a common understanding of the moves required and a "place to go" when discussing change. Swings will look different BUT demonstrate the same key elements, if anyone out there can disprove this or advise me of a better approach I’m open to discussion (but not holding my breath).

Today the games top instructors must use a more holistic approach to their instruction. This holistic approach consists of designing a system and strategies that are based on Physics, Biomechanics & Geometry.

Mapping of a swing’s DNA is now possible, as is the quantification and comparison of swing feel vs. real. Modern technology is a central component in this transformation. Today’s top instructor’s must use every tool in their toolbox.

When you learn from me, you are learning from someone who can combine a very sophisticated understanding of the complexities of the golf swing, with a teaching style and communication skills that will allow you to understand, simply and plainly, how you can consistently hit golf shots that are straight and true. I will focus on you and your level of expertise and understanding and will work with you to bring out the very best!



I’m often asked: How would you describe your teaching philosophy?

At the CORE of my teaching philosophy and the system I use, are the 3 most important Fundamentals of the golf swing. Conventional Instruction & for most people, the first thing that comes to mind when they think of Golf Fundamentals is the word GASP (Grip, Alignment, Stance & Posture). Surely, you say, those must be Golf’s True Fundamentals. If you thought that, you are sadly mistaken. While these are important, they are not employed the same with every top player. Go to any PGA Tour event, or LPGA and observe, you will see they don’t all Grip the Same, Align the same, Stand the Same or Have the Same Posture. Therefore, these CANNOT be called Fundamentals.

So, if NOT Fundamentals, what are they? These fall under the category of preferences, NOT Fundamentals.

Let’s look at a few examples, every Tour player has a Functional Grip (which is huge) but Paul Azinger and Lee Trevino have very strong grips, while Jose Maria Olazabal & Johnny Miller have very weak grips, Lee Trevino aimed left, but Sam Snead aimed right, George Knudson had a closed stance but Fred Couples has an open stance and Ben Hogan would vary his stance to the club he was hitting (closed with a Driver, but open with a short iron), Don January and David Toms have a posture that is more erect, but Dustin Johnson & Keegan Bradley have much more forward bend. So, if not GASP, what are the true Fundamentals?



The ability to hit the ground in the same place every time and forward of the ball to insure clean contact.


The ability to create enough power or distance to enjoy the game.


The ability to match the clubface to the swing path to control the curvature of the ball to keep it in play.

Every day I teach, every student I see, I start with Fundamental #1. This basic skill is the biggest factor in players of different skill levels. I focus on measurable differences between skill/handicap levels and laying out a systematic approach that is individualized for each specific student and their issues & patterns. 

Every player is built differently, possess different patterns, different movements and has swing characteristics that are unique to them, but they all play golf abiding by the same laws of physics and geometry which govern the game. Earlier, I touched on having a system to play golf.

Why A Systematic Approach?

We use systems for everything!  They are used every day in every industry. Doctor's use a system to diagnose and treat patients.  Lawyers use systems to win cases.  Farmers use a system to plant, pick, and organize crops. Manufacturers use systems in all parts of the production cycle. The Periodic Table of Elements is a system used to organize the elements that make up the universe.  Libraries use the dewy decimal system to organize and classify books. We have a system to classify and organize the animals of the Animal kingdom. Systems to classify, organize, problem-solve, diagnose, and treat are a part of everyday life.  Without systems the world would be nonfunctional and chaotic.

In golf instruction, differing layers of sophistication is required when teaching golfers of differing skill levels and backgrounds.  A system is required to have the flexibility to give a multi-faceted answer to the golfer. It gives me as a coach the ability to break down the game into as simple as a few words for a beginning golfer or give a very detailed and sophisticated answer to a tour level player depending on the need of the player. It is also required for the student to be able to walk away from a lesson with an understanding, a plan, and the ability to diagnose and treat their own faults. This in effect making them a more functional player.  

So, the question is....

Would you even consider taking lessons from somebody that didn’t have an organized approach in giving the lesson and the capability to organize the progression for you?  

Earlier I gave credit to some of the greatest coaches in the history of the game. My teaching philosophy & system has been an amalgamation of everything I've seen, heard, or experienced. The Golf Swing is obviously a function of Bio-Mechanics, Geometry & Physics which is important because:

  • We must understand how the body moves, how the body works, because it is making a golf swing.
  • The second thing is that we must understand the geometry in swinging in an arc and what those principles hold true.  
  • Thirdly there is the physics of velocity and speed.  

I think it’s very important for any golfer to understand these principles that everyone should be striving to achieve. My SYSTEM organizes the golfer’s progression, and simplifies the game allowing golfers to improve faster and find more enjoyment in their practice and on the course.

Virtually Every Aspect Of The Golf Swing, All The Moving Parts, The Real Basics Have Been Measured And Documented

Did you know the spine moves 3-dimensionally? It doesn’t just turn, it also tilts and extends, and that the spine is constantly changing its flex throughout the whole swing. The basic motions of the human Spine are documented in any study of the Anatomy.



We have been told to shift our weight or center of mass (COM) to our rear foot on the backswing but again this is false. What we shift is our center of pressure (COP) not our COM. Pressure plates/mats are measuring ground forces (pushing into the ground….not weight. Players can shift their COP to the rear foot, but keep their weight centered or even forward for a crisp strike every time….The difference in FEEL & REAL.


FINAL THOUGHTS The Secret To Improvement In Golf

I love working with passionate people who crave a golf game they can be proud of and are tired of taking lessons and NEVER improving. I will show you how to turn your old ineffective habits into NEW efficient movement patterns.

With my system and programs, the way you’ve thought about Golf will be changed forever. Mostly everything you’ve ever heard about the Golf Swing will be demonstrated by evidence or argument to be false. You will be taught the commonalities that all great players possess. The idea that they all swing differently is ludicrous. They may all look different swinging but that’s not the same as swinging differently. The basic Geometry is the same.

You will gain the knowledge and skill to develop your new swing and enter a world of consistency, added distance, and lower scores, so you can now achieve your Golf Goals.


You are about to gain access to one of the world's most advanced systematic learning platforms. This platform provides a unique assortment of learning content as well as a truly adaptive learning environment. What will you learn? You will learn that the spine moves 3-dimensionally, it doesn’t just turn it also tilts and extends and that the spine is constantly changing its flex throughout the whole swing. That many of the greatest players in history don’t keep their right knee flexed. That we can shift pressure from one foot to the other for power and keep our weight forward for a crisp strike every time.…... and that’s just to name a few!

In addition, Bob uses the #1 training tool on all Tours, TRACKMAN 4. This powerful combination of data, video, and overlay graphics is an indispensable feature of Bob’s Coaching that speeds up the learning curve of any player. Add loads of up-to-date tour player swing video plus data and you have the most sophisticated learning platform available to Unleash Your Potential.



LEARN FASTER – unleash your potential

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